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Crim Group, Ltd. (CG), dba CredRepair.net under its services, will use federal law in the attempt to correct errors and other misleading information found in your credit report. It will challenge items that you identify to CG as being inaccurate, misleading, or unverifiable. When CG deems it advisable, it will send non-dispute goodwill interventions or account information requests to furnishers of information (furnishers) to your credit file. When CG receives legible copies of credit reports from you, it will draft, sign, and send letters  to the three (3) major credit bureaus via online, telephone, and U.S. Postal Service, or to the Furnishes, on your behalf and in your name.

CG cannot guarantee a specific outcome or accurately predict how long the process will take. This process may take more or less than    twelve (12) months, but you may cancel this Agreement at any time. All payments received by our clients for their services are non-refundable. The principal business address of CGI is 2136 West Park Place Blvd, Ste. A Stone Mountain, GA 30087.

In consideration of Crim Group, Ltd. services program fee, you agree:

    • To use CG and its online service to notify CG of items you identify as inaccurate, misleading, or unverifiable. 
    • To choose and pay a program that CG offers. Program fees consist of:
    • $350.00 (Jump Start); $800.00 (Fresh Start); $1,000.00 (Fresh Start +); or $1,200.00 (Expedite) via (Visa, Master, Discover, & American Express). Ask about our couple’s price.
    • $49.00 per month will automatically be withdrawn from your  account for maintenance after the initial program payment is completed. If program payment is paid in full, maintenance will begin 60 days  after the date of payment. Maintenance could be cancelled with a written request submitted with an authorizing signature to CG within 5 days from the date of withdrawal.  
    • To mail legible copies of your credit report and/or forward to CG copies of all correspondences that  you receive from the credit bureaus, furnishers, or others as the results of CG’s efforts on your behalf, and promptly inform CG of any changes.
    • To communicate with the credit bureaus and the Furnisher through CGI’s written correspondence. CG will not discuss your case with your spouse, or anyone else, unless a written request submitted with an authorizing signature to CG.

INACCURATE, MISLEADING, UNVERIFIABLE: The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires that any listing which is inaccurate, misleading, or  unverifiable, must be removed from your credit report. In order for CG to proceed with your case, you must identify the items you believe should be challenged on this basis by placing a star (*) or check ( ) beside negative items you DO NOT want challenged.

SEND LETTERS: Pursuant to the Limited Power of Attorney, CG challenges negative items on line or via telephone and drafted letters on your behalf and in your name in a manner which CG believes will achieve the most effective results. These letters are then mailed to the credit bureaus and/or your creditors. Rather than sending all the letters at one time, CG sends these letters at appropriate intervals to seek to avoid having the bureaus deem the challenges as frivolous.

DISPUTE LETTERS: When creating dispute letters for the credit bureaus or your creditors (credit agencies), CG will challenge negative items online or via telephone and draft letters on your behalf and in your name that will then be mailed to them. Your relationship with CG will often be disclosed to the credit agencies during normal dispute activities. This is because challenges sent on the letterhead of CG are often disregarded by the credit agencies. Therefore, the most common and effective method of contacting the credit agencies will be to draft a letter (based on your directions) in your name, on your behalf, and signed on your behalf by CG.

FURNISHERS: The Fair Credit Reporting Act uses the term “Furnishers”, to describe those groups and individuals who provide information about a consumer’s credit history to the credit bureaus. While the words are not interchangeable, when you see the word “Furnisher”, think of the term “creditor”.

CANNOT GUARANTEE: By law, CG cannot guarantee any specific outcome for using its services. Because each case has so many factors, making such a guarantee would be improper and misleading. Nobody can honestly guarantee that they control the bureaus’ or other furnishes’ response to a letter.

PREDICT, MORE OR LESS: While the anticipated length of this Agreement is twelve (12) months, all of your indicated items may not be removed in time. Some cases are completed in approximately six (6) months, while others may continue beyond twelve (12) months. You may cancel this Agreement at any time with a written notice.

INQUIRY ASSIST: In order to make dispute inquiries, CG will need a copy of each member’s Social Security card and current bills.

PERSONAL CREDIT SCORE: The credit score is a rating system, developed by third-party companies, designed to represent a consumer’s repayment risk for potential creditors. Factors comprising such scores may include length of credit history, number of open accounts, the presence of installment loans, revolving accounts, public records, and other data. Credit scores are based solely upon information found in a  consumer’s  credit report. CG does not provide credit scores.

ENTIRE AGREEMENT: The Agreement, including the Definitions, constitutes the entire agreement between you and CGI and supersedes any other agreements or understandings, written or oral, between you and CGI. The Agreement may only be modified in writing. The provisions of this Agreement shall, where possible, be interpreted in a manner to sustain their legality and enforceability.

MAIL: Your credit reports will be some of the most important correspondence you will receive from the credit bureaus. Typically, when CG mails a challenge to the credit bureaus on your behalf, the result  will be a new credit report within approximately forty –five (45) days. The report will be sent to your home address and should show the results of challenges made on your behalf. You will be the first to see any deletion or improvements after our challenges. Occasionally, the credit bureaus may fail to conduct an investigation, or may fail to send a credit report at the completion of an investigation. More often, the client may put the credit report away and forget to forward legible  copies of the report to CG. In these cases, the work on the case will slow down. To prevent the slowdown of your case, you must make sure that a credit report from each one of the credit bureau arrives at your home address at lease every ninety (90) days. If it has been longer than ninety (90) days since your last credit report, please call CG for assistance.

FORWARD: You should receive a variety of correspondences from the credit bureaus and furnishes of credit information during our retainer of CG. It is important that you promptly send each piece to CG. Generally, the reason for slow progress on client casework is for lack of credit reports correspondence from the bureaus and furnishes. To protect your privacy, all credit reports, correspondences, and other documents you send will be shredded within a short period of time following their receipt. Therefore, you should keep the originals and send only legible copies of your credit reports, correspondences, and other documents. Remember, you may cause delays in your case unless you forward legible copies of each item of correspondences or each credit report as you receive and use them. CG will not be responsible for delays caused by transmitting your credit bureau correspondence to CG through any other means except that of U.S. mail.


Crim Group, Ltd. P.O. Box 391671 Snellville, GA 30039

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